Monthly Archives: November 2016

EVE0S served many Eve Online player since 2012

EVE0S has been secretly used under another name with the IGB of Eve Online since 2012. EVE0S maps routes for years now. With the coming change to the IGB, the code needed to be update to work properly . We’re now working to make this useful web tool available to the public. We helped a lot of Eve Online player through the wormhole and we hope to help even more with the new CREST API.

EVE0s will be working with every browsers (Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Overwoft Browser and the famous Google Chrome) to please everyone. EVE0s is hosted on Arch Linux with the latest release of apache. Wrote in PHP, EVE0S use MariaDB’s database to store information. This website or maybe should we call it an Apps, will look great with the help of JQUERY. Through the years we found better ways of doing things, making it faster and less painful.

EVE0S is still under construction at the moment and we hope to make it up and running for Eve Online player as soon as possible. Flysafe everyone!!